Description The apartment is on the first floor, in the building containing 13 other private apartments constructed in 2007. The building has one glazed, single entry door (0.8m wide) located at the front of the building at ground level. The entry door is kept locked. It is opened by the telephone access system from within the apartment, or by key, provided. Car parking Disabled  and visitor  parking is provided at the front of the building, with residents permanent parking being located at the rear of the building. Each apartment has one permanent parking space. The access to the front door from the car parks is on gently sloping and level grounds. The parking at the front of the building is all within a 15mtr distance. The parking at the rear of the building is adjacent to the building and is just a short walk. Off loading of baggage, temporary parking etc is available at the front of the building. In times of darkness outside lighting is provided at all times in the car park areas, (not motion detectors). Entrance The glazed entrance door opens into lobby area at the bottom of the stairs. The only access to the apartment is via the stairs (NO LIFT). The stairs are 1mtr wide with a banister for support. A total of 17 steps are required to ascend to the first floor. Lighting of the area is automatic upon presence of persons. At the top of the stairs is a small lobby entered through double doors with automatic lighting. No10 is on the left-hand side. the distance from the top of the first floor steps to the apartment door is no more than six metres. In the internal public areas. The décor throughout the apartment is of a light neutral colour.  Apartment Entrance to the apartment is through a single, 0.8mtr wide door. Located on the left is an illuminated light switch for internal lighting of the hallway. The doors within the apartment are 0.8mtr wide. The décor within the apartment is of a light colour. The flooring is not dark. Each bedroom has a window for light and air. External lighting from street lighting. The open plan lounge with dining and kitchen areas has three windows for light and air. The house bathroom and en-suit have ventilation fans. The rooms have centre lighting and additional lighting.  All flooring within the apartment is level. Heating to all rooms, controlled by thermostatic radiator valves and central thermostat.       , HOME CONTACT US ACCOMODATION ACCESS COMMENTS LOCATION TERMS TEN THE GRANGE  SELF CATERING SERVICED ACCOMMODATION       GB Tel: 07711 185 927 INT Tel:0044 7711 185 927